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A further step in managing your compressed air system

AirBoosters are the ideal source of amplified & stabilized compressed air.  AirBoosters will operate efficiently & reliably for many years, enhancing the performance of individual air use points, air dependent processes, & ultimately, entire compressed air systems.
High performance air-operated stationary positive displacement amplifier booster package for connection to air use points.  Ideal for applications where pneumatic power must be supplied from dedicated storage at constant working pressures which are higher than those provided by plant air systems.
  • Provides a constant, reliable supply of air pressure to critical use points +/- 1 psi.
  • Enables air equipment to operate at pressure specified by equipment manufacturer.  
  • Reduces downtime and production loss due to low or fluctuating plant air pressure. 
  • Provides substantial cost savings by enabling the reduction of general plant air pressure.

  • Adjustable pressure stall-point up to 200 PSIG
  • Oil Free models available 
  • Air regulator is built in to allow setting of desired pressure
  • Includes inlet filter, inlet pressure gauges and discharge gauges
  • Consumes no air upon reaching and holding the set level pressure
  • Full pressure pilot control assures restart within 1% of set pressure
  • Maintain set pressure even with small point of use leakage
  • In-line installation requires no electric hookup
  • Requires no inlet air valve, air regulator or air lubricator
  • Units are portable
  • Multiple valves can be staged
  • Package includes mounted receiver with discharge regulator, receiver pressure gauge, relief valve and manual drain valve
  • Available sound-attenuating pulsation dampeners ,enclosures and hush kits as required.
  • Minimum maintenance



Single module, Air. A single booster is provided as a stand-alone unit or packaged receiver-mounted system.  Stand-alone units are often applied to actuators [e.g. robotic manipulators], which may require boosted air pressure to transfer and hold a payload at static flow.  Packaged units will provide active air storage for points of use that are more flow dependant, cycle frequently, and require constant supply pressure,+/- 1 psi.


Two module, air.  Duplex packages enable booster staging which reduces inlet compressed air consumption by limiting storage restoration to the displacement of a single booster if the reduction of stored energy is maintained within a preset band. (Base load). If the preset band is exceeded the second booster will start [trim]. The trim unit starts against a lower stall pressure than the base load unit thus the combined inlet flow demand is maintained at a lower level than a simplex package of comparable capacity. The lower mechanical losses and reduced inertial forces that characterize smaller displacement boosters further enhance overall power conversion efficiencies.  In addition, the duplex packages provide redundancy for critical production applications.


  • Maximum rated working pressure is 200 PSIG. Higher pressure units are available
  • Air usage will be 1.5 - 2.0 x the actual discharge flow
  • Nominal flow is based on the approximate range of 80 - 90 PSIG in and 110 - 120 PSIG out
  • Actual flow is subject to specific operating pressures and duty cycle
  • All Receiver tanks are ASME Coded and can be provided with CRN
  • IMP modules can be duplexed for higher flow applications or for staging pressures

Nominal Flow (SCFM) up to *
Up to 4 SCFM
Up to 10 SCFM
Up to 45 SCFM
Up to 70 SCFM
3/4" or 1"

*  Nominal Flow rates of the Airboosters are influenced by a number of variables such as.. Inlet pressure, discharge pressure, duty cycle and application. Cycle rates will often be the determinant of final selections of the booster pumps, receiver and accessories.
Contact Airbooster for estimated flow data and quotation for specific set of conditions


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